Legacy Ladies Lunch

Our monthly lunch is scheduled for March 5 at 12:30PM at the Fish Rock Grille which is located at the Ledges, 1585 W Ledges Pkwy.  We have been joined by about 10-12 ladies each month and we have enjoyed trying some restaurants that are new to many.  A couple of months ago we travelled to Ivins and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at The Red Mountain Spa.  Several of the ladies had never been there and soon returned with friends for dinner. 

If you have not received an “evite” through email for the lunch, and you would like to join us, please call Annette at 674-5178 before March 2.


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Valentine Party at The Legacy

We had such a FUN time at the last social and we are planning another one in May to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which will be complete with fabulous Mexican fare.  Because Valentine’s Day is for chocolate, flowers and everything romantic, we decided to have a totally chocolate buffet, complete with a chocolate pot and great stuff to dip.  In addition, we had lots of great chocolate desserts which were totally decadent! 

Rob Neil regaled us with the funniest story that I have ever heard about meeting his lovely wife, Linda; we were all rolling on the floor, and crying at his funny story.  The next time you see Rob and Linda Neil, you need to ask them how they met. 

The socials at The Legacy have become very popular and we are excited to continue to plan fun events for anyone who can attend. 

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Death by Chocolate

We are having a party for Valentine’s Day and everything that will be served will be “CHOCOLATE” or at least “CHOCOLATE” covered!  We will be starting at 7PM on Feb 14th at the Clubhouse and we hope to have a big crowd of homeowners to celebrate the occasion.  We have sent out an email invite to everyone who we have an email address for asking for RSVPs.  If you haven’t received an email from us that means we don’t have your email address. 

If you plan to attend, please respond to your “evite” or call Annette at 435-674-5178 or Mary at 206-697-2043 to let us know.  We need to know your plans no later than Sat. Feb 11 at 5PM because we need to know how much “CHOCOLATE” to buy. 

If you didn’t receive an invitiation via email, please send us an email with your email address to

We look forward to seeing all of our neighbors on Valentine’s Day!!

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If you are getting solicitors ringing your doorbell to “sell” you a home alarm system, and they tell you that the HOA President sent them, please get their name and phone number so we can put a stop to their soliciting. The HOA President has NOT authorized their being on our property!! We have signs posted on every street prohibiting solicitors, so they are in violation of our rules. The HOA has NOT authorized these salespeople to come into our community to sell you something.

If you can get their name and phone number, you may call Laurette at CAM, 674-2002 and report to her.

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Parking at the Legacy


There was some discussion at the HOA Meeting on Monday about parking in our community.  A homeowner had commented that there appeared to be lots more cars parking on the street and in the guest parking areas lately.  The reason could be that the painting project is causing homeowners to park in the street and guest parking while their homes are being prepped/painted. 

The Homeowner’s Rules and Regulations rules for parking are posted here for clarification:

Parking rules 

Please also be mindful of NOT parking your vehicles on the sidewalk as the weight of the vehicles tends to break and crumble the concrete.


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Legacy Painting Project

The maintenance subcommittee, headed by Nick Bujanovich, HOA Board Trustee, walked through phase 1 of the Legacy Paint Project with the painting contractor this morning to critique the work that has been done so far.  We all agreed that the job is coming along well and we will be awarding the bid to paint phase 2 to “Unforgettable Coatings” very soon.  It is nice to see all of the homes with new crisp paint and the “red” stains from the dirt gone.  All of the dings, cracks, and chips in the stucco are being repaired prior to painting, so the community is really getting a nice facelift.  In addition to the stucco, doors and trim being painted, the white railings will be primed and painted as well.

If you would like to follow the progress of the project, the contractor has a website where you can  login and see the scope and progress at any given time.  The website is and then you click on client login, the project is “legacy”, and the password is “southgate”.


Yoga/Pilates Class

Beginning on January 11, 2012, the residents of the Legacy will be able to participate in a Yoga/Pilates class that will be held at the Legacy Clubhouse every Wed. at 4PM.  The cost of the class will be $5.00 per class if we are able to get 10 people to sign up, or $6.00 per class for less than 10 participants.  “Boomers Rule” will be teaching the classes and they have promised that the classes will be for beginners, and will be easy for even the stiffest of us.  They will sell a punch card for 10 sessions for $50.00 which will have NO expiration date.  This will be a great benefit for those who are not here on a regular basis, but who want to take advantage of a class whenever they can. 

“Boomers Rule” are 2 women who specialize in exercise classes for boomers and they have been the personal trainers at Sun River for the past several years.  In addition to Yoga/Pilates, they can also conduct classes in water aerobics, which may be of interest to Legacy residents.

If you would like to attend the first class on January 11, there will be no charge for the initial class, and the teacher will be on site at 3:30PM to answer any questions that you may have prior to beginning the 4PM class.



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